Meet The Owner

Hi and Welcome!


I’m Holly, the founder of Soul Driven Studios. I created SDS on the basis of joy, freedom, happiness, flow, energy, love, and light.

It is my mission to assist others in accessing the channels by which to receive all of this in their current experience.

My own journey has inspired me to explore many avenues of interest and development.

In October of 2012 I received my Reiki I and II certification and in 2013 became a Oneness Blessing Giver. I most recently completed training to access my Akashic Records.

The expansion and awareness of my connection to Source energy serves me well not only from a spiritual vantage point but also in all of my “real world” endeavors.

I work in the IT reselling industry and am also a licensed real estate agent with Reliance Realty, owner of Lighthouse Real Estate Investments, LLC, and founder and President of Super Dog Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit organization.


The Inspiration behind Soul Driven Studios

One of our core offerings at SDS is dance. Music and dance have inspired me since a young age. I began dancing at the age of three and continued all the way through my college years. During this time I aspired to dance professionally and performed at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and was selected as a member of the Luvabulls NBA dance team for the Chicago Bulls. Shortly after my season with “da Bulls” I graduated from Christopher Newport University with a BA in Communication Studies in 2004 and traded my dance shoes for a much less glamourous cubicle and began a successful career in IT sales. The little over ten years that followed have brought about many life experiences, some welcomed and some not that enjoyable but ALL of them were required for my ultimate growth and expansion. The most pivotal of these experiences hit me in the beginning of 2012. I collided and merged with an energy that launched me into an amazing and gloriously challenging spiritual awakening. There are so many things to be said about this journey but we’ll save those for another visit. Let’s just say that when you get the wakeup call, there is no turning back. And if you are reading this, honey that’s YOU! It’s full steam ahead and surrendering resistance allows the joy to flow and ease to begin taking the reins. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul. It is how you always intended it to BE. My own journey and ever increasing connection to Source has inspired me to do just that, to let my soul be in control. I am committed to living my life Soul Driven, standing in my truth and following my divine path. It is part of my journey to support and encourage others and this brings me immense joy and happiness, enter launching Soul Driven Studios! Dance is one of the many ways that we can cut loose of anything that may be binding or limiting us and engage our entire being, body and soul.
Our other offerings like meditation speak for themselves. Meditation requires nothing of us but our willingness and desire to be still.
Dance is movement, meditation is stillness, opposite ends of the spectrum but sharing the same intention, to connect, to expand, to BE FREE.
Come get free with us!